Monday, February 27, 2006

Lord of the dance

For the past couple of months my Supermodel Wife has been torturing me, and it finally all ended yesterday.

She was addicted to a show on one of the major television networks (they all look the same to me) called Dancing with the Stars. Basically, it's one of those shows where they take former celebrities and make them do stupid shit with so-called experts. In this case, the non-stars were paired with professional dancers in a four-month dance-off.

It mercifully ended last night. Needless to say that I wasn't into the show – probably for the same reason that I don't ovulate and complain about breast tenderness. I mean, I don't want to say the show is ghey, but when Carson Kressley first saw it, he said "Damn, that show is gay!"

But I did want to make one point of criticism.


I mean come on, we all know Jerry Rice was the clear winner. But do you think the judges would actually let a black man win? Hell no! They gave the top nod on a silver platter to that pansy boy band dropout Drew Lachey.

Puleeez! If there is any justice left in the world, there will be a congressional investigation. I have a dream that some day, a man will be judged by the quality of his ball room dancing, rather than the color of his skin.

In the meantime, bring on The Sopranos (debuts March 12, 9 p.m. diggity!).
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  1. True, I agree...the skin color thing...have you seen Chapelle stand up on Comedy Central??? He mentions the 15 year old girl in Utah who was kidnapped by a few "rednecks" and went missing for a few weeks vs a little black girl ( I think she was 7) here in Philly who was abducted by a few crackheads, tied up and left her abandoned in a crack house...this happened at 4:00pm, this little girl chewed through the ropes, called or went to the police and was home by 5:30pm watching herself on the news...and the 15 year old in Utah was left alone and just told "not to leave"...which story do you think is news worthy???? Of course we saw it on the news in our area but it didn't make national headlines or anything...


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