Tuesday, July 18, 2006


In yet another entry this YouTube Tuesday we learn from the Hollywood Reporter that YouTube has been sued by the the copyright holder of news footage from the 1992 LA Riots.

When I first started YouTube Tuesdays, I remarked that...
"I think it's about the coolest thing going on the web right now, which means it won't be long before some bastard lawyer with a DRM comes along a puts the kibosh on the whole thing."
Let's hope YouTube is able to fend off this lawsuit. Their defense will likely be that they merely provide the medium and that the content on their sites can be neither copied nor downloaded.

It would be a shame if YouTube is shut down. It's one of the last sources of original video content.

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  1. I share your enthusiasm for YouTube. I suspect it's just like Napster in its infancy. Lawyers will spoil the fun, but the cat's out of the bag. Copycat sights will spring up everywhere, and we'll continue to have access to our video fetishes- whether it's old footage of James Brown, tv from the 60s, or fresh clips of the war in the Middle East.


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