Saturday, May 26, 2007

Son of Hogzilla

By now you've read about the rather largish wild pig killed by an 11-year-old Alabama good old boy with a pistol.

If you haven't read the link. You can also check out posts by XO and ElBorak and a host of other bloggers.

Why would you want to do that? Well, if you're like me, it's because you have nothing better to do than mouse around on the internet reading other peoples' thoughts.

And, like El Borak, I think what people are saying (writing) about this story is as interesting as the story itself.

There are those who don't like to think about where the meat on their table comes from, who think all animals are doe-eyed fluffy unicorns in the land of the Peppermint Princess:
that's disgusting. i don't know which is worse the fact that you shot the innocent creature for three hours strait or that you where smirking in that picture. I wish i could beat that smirk right of your face you dick head. i cant understand why anybody would kill a poor animal. You people disgust me, I hope you rot in hell.
Then, there are those who think parents have no business teaching their kids how to kill monstrous swine -- at least with a hand gun.

Our own Xavier Onassis falls into this category:
I cannot imagine teaching a 5 year old to kill or handing an 11 year old boy a .50 caliber pistol and watching him shoot a half-ton pig eight times an then spend 3 hours chasing it through the woods to kill it and turn it into sausage.

That is definitely not the way I would want to raise any son of mine.
Sure XO, you say that now. But when the oil runs out in a couple of years, and the apocalypse comes and we're living in a Road Warrior-like dystopia, it's going to be kids like that who are feasting on the entrails of their enemies.

Learning to kill giant mutant omnivores? The way I see it, that's just good parenting.

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