Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Veni, Vidi Tony

When I first started blogging a few years ago, I enjoyed checking out Tony's Kansas City for an edgy and entertaining perspective on what's happening in KC.

At the time, blogging was still a relatively new medium. The "mainstream media" hadn't really caught on, and there was a feeling that we were all doing something under the radar.

As time passed, Tony became more popular and he honed his skill at combining the fine art of the female figure with razor sharp commentary on local cultural and political issues. But as he became more and more popular, so the mainstream media began to take notice.

To his credit, Tony was able to leverage the attention of the mainstream media into his own paying gig. It started with a regular spot on a local radio program and reached its highest point last weekend with his first (though certainly not last) appearance on a local television news station.

I'm happy to see this local blogger make the jump to mainstream media. Certainly all the work he puts into writing and editing his online journal will begin to pay off in the form a large advertising contracts.

And, I'm glad to see the local news stations finally coming around to reporting the real news in this town (i.e., what the highly influential blogging community is saying as opposed to the state of the local economy/schools/Westport skanks, etc.).

But most of all, I was glad when I watched the report on the local TV station's website, to see that Tony took the opportunity to dispel the negative Latino stereotypes that so often and unfairly get propagated on the inkernets.
Nicely done Tony. Keep up the good work.

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  1. I heard he had to have a siesta and then continue with the interview

  2. Ahhh let the photoshopping begin...

  3. Awesome, I'm linking. Only one small correction. The KMBZ appearance doesn't pay.


  5. You forgot to put a cow pic on the side of the car.

  6. LOL. Love it. Tony and Mark are know, but who the heck was the first person Tess interviewed. Anyone know?

  7. And you're one up on me, Michelle. I only knew Tony. Who the hell those other "popular" local bloggers are is beyond me.

    Love the maracas. Hahahahaha at meesha and chimpo!


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