Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Posted On, Vol. 1

I just made up an old tradition at 3AM where I go through my comments on other blogs for the previous week and post them here.

Not only does it give me a chance to link to the blogs I read most, it allows me to be lazy and post something that I've already written.

Here's the round up for the past week:
  • Posted on The Kansas Citian:
    James thinks the US is posturing for war with Iraq. I'm just excited about a new expletive:
    I think "Qud" is now my favorite invective: "Get the hell off my lawn, ya' damn Quds!!!" or "That slutty Qud goes home with a different guy every night." or "Ew! Somebody Quded all over my pizza!"
  • Posted on The Random Ramblings of a Midtown Miscreant
    MM took some cheap shots at the town of Lone Jack, Mo. I had to defend it's virtues:
    Even though I'm married, I occasionally take a trip to Lone Jack. But thankfully, having a spouse drastically offsets the need of going to Lone Jack.

    Lone Jack can be fun every once in a while, but the alternative is much better.
  • Posted on Frighteningly Uncommon Sense:
    Faith ranted against women who put on makeup while driving. I commented that my hands are already full without adding eyeliner into the mix:
    If I were a chick, I don't see how i could put on makeup while driving, what with my hands being full of coffee, bagel and cellphone already.

    Plus me being a chick and not a very good driver in the first place.
  • Posted on I, Shane:
    Shane is campaigning for Barack Obama again. I'm still skeptical (natch):
    I’m almost there with you on this one, Shane. I certainly would vote for BO before Hillary. And I’m beginning to consider that he might be a better candidate that McCain.

    But I don’t have high hopes for his presidency. He says he’s the candidate of change, but I haven’t seen him propose any real reform.

    If I had to vote today, I’d probably still waste my vote on Ron Paul.
Well, that's it for this week. Go check out the posts I've linked to get the full force of my cleverness in its original context, and to experience some pretty damn good blogging from these local writers.

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  1. Srsly. Basically, McCain, Clinton and Obama are all the same person.

  2. I agree, at least voting for a real crazy person is more fun than voting for a sleaze bag (in order of decreasing sleaziness):Clinton, Obama -McCain is a tie.
    As far as this post goes - I think correct English term is "mailing it in"

  3. "As far as this post goes - I think correct English term is 'mailing it in'"

    A classic from the Communist. приятный

  4. Приятный? В каком смысле? Переводить теперь все умеют!

  5. Hey, watch the language there fellas.

  6. You forgot the following highly illustrative comment:

    "Of course, I'm a big fan of pulling my pork"

  7. This is a good idea I reckon.

    Have you checked out the plugins out there that might be harnessed for this? It's ages since I looked at their features but there's at least and Co.mments that might be worth a look-see.


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