Friday, December 04, 2009

A Salute to KU and Lew Perkins

3AM presents Real Men of Genius
Real Men of Genius

Today we solute you...
Mr. Abe Vigoda look-alike athletic director.
You totally look like Salvatore Tessio

Like an old Sicillian don, you've shown you're adept at getting what you want no matter how many lives it destroys.
Is that a decapitated horse head in Mangino's bed?

To you, KU Athletics isn't just a family, it’s a family business. Whether it's kickbacks to bowl officials, extortion of local businesses, or just your garden variety academic fraud, you know that the bottom line is the bottom line.
Gotta keep the money rollin' in!

And while you don't mind having abusive people on you staff, when your biggest earner fails to bring in fat wads of cash, you know it's time to make him an offer he can't refuse.
Tonight he sleeps with the fishes...

So leave the gun and take the cannoli, oh floppy eared arbiter of lesser men's fates. Because firing the best coach your team has ever had is a sure way to keep the rest of your organization in line.
Mr. Abe Vigoda look-alike athletic director!

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  1. There are some parallel riffs* in where KU finds itself now and where CU found itself when it hired Hawkins. Hope you guys make a better choice.

    * Hopefully minor riffs: I would hate to see NCAA penalties arise out of the “investigation”.**

    **Yes, I know KU is not “releasing” the documents. However, that's just a matter of time...

  2. As much as I loathe KU--not unusual for someone who a) has family ties to Missouri since 1821; b) had an ancestor who visited Lawrence in 1863 and c) attended Mizzou-- I cannot fathom the thought process in firing Mangino. If he were such a dick, why wasn't he gone before the 12-1 season? That fact alone, puts the lie to anything the current AD says. I'm looking forward to kicking their asses at Arrowhead for the foreseeable future.


  3. I read the story about the 'extortion of local businesses', and I'm with KU on this one. I know things play pretty fast and loose on the internet, but copyright exists. Intellectual property rights exist. You cannot take someone else's logo, name, or picture and profit from it. Period.

    I know too many people who have been ripped off by people like Joe College to have any sympathy for him, especially after reading he was warned multiple times.

  4. Smeddley,

    I agree with you about copyright. However, KU overstepped in this case and a local businessman paid the price.

    KU has the right to copyright the Jayhawk and other University logos. But in my opinion, they can't copyright the word "Kansas" or the color blue, even when there are references to Missouri involved.

    It's just another example of 90 percent of lawyers giving the rest a bad name (sorry R.Sherman).

  5. Yeah, Big Lew would have done well in the Corleone family! It's nothing personal, it's just business, Mark ...

  6. emawkc:

    It's not the word 'Kansas', it's the font, I believe. Otherwise, the Kansas Board of Tourism would have to pay royalties, and they do not. I believe specialized fonts are covered in the same way logos are.

    AND! Several of the shirts in question (remember, he wasn't banned from selling all that were questioned!) not only had the word 'Jayhawks' on them, at least one had the official Jayhawk logo. Add to that the fact that he was warned, multiple times, to cease and desist before this went to court, and I don't know how you can say KU did anything wrong.


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