Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Photo XV: Autumn Birch

If I asked you what your favorite season was, you would probably say spring or summer.

But you would be wrong. It's actually autumn.

Like Michael Scott, I find autumn to be the most contemplative of the seasons. The angle of the sun, the colors of the foliage, the sweet and sour smell of decomposing leaves and the mild temperatures all combine for an atmosphere of introspection and appreciation.

I took this picture yesterday of one of the river birches in our back yard.

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  1. I'm an Autumn guy, too.

    Good Lord, you've started a "Movement."


  2. I love the changing of the leaves. It's this time of year when I am the most homesick.

  3. What a cool pic! I,personally, enjoy winter more than any other season. But then, I *do* live in SoCal!

  4. No offense, Faithstwin, but people who live in SoCal have no idea what "seasons" are. Thus, you opinion is moot. ;-D


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