Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Air Canada

I've never been happier that America has Canada as a neighbor. That nice cool air the Canuks sent down yesterday was a Godsend, and it came just in time. I swear if I had to spend another day in 105 degree heat with 105% humidity and that guy in the cube next to me chewing with his mouth open... well, it wouldn't have been pretty.

Anyway, here's a pic of the Golden Gate bridge I took during a visit to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago.

If I had to live in California, it would be in San Francisco. I still can't believe they elected Ahnuld...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Expectation management

Okay, so I got one post up. I just want to send this warning to the intrepid readers of this blog (yes, all two of you): Don't get used to the idea of frequent updates.

Unlike some bloggers (you know who you are amy), I don't have time to log in on an office computer to work on personal projects.

Also, I frequently find I don't really have anything to say (er, write). So you'd just better get used to the idea.

One of my favorite pastimes since my childhood years has been surfing around to other peoples' blogs, reading posts, then following links to their favorite blogs. It was during one of these blogsurfing sessions that I came across Mae's blog.

Mae had a case of the Mondays and I and a few other posters took time to offer some words of encouragement. Things seem to be getting better for our young Canadian. It felt good to be able to reach out to a total stranger and give a virtual hug. Try that on the streets of most cities and you get slapped with an injunction and a restraining order (don't worry Ed, I won't go into details).

Anyway, I just think that's what's great about the Internet. That and porn.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's Ed's fault

So I keep hearing about these so-called "blogs" from my so-called "friends" on the so-called "Internet." Kudos to the web powers that be for the further democratization of content. Anyway, you can all blame Ed V (last name withheld since Ed is wanted in several states and provinces) for this blog. You see, I was happy to stay on the sidelines and browse a few of my favorite blogs, then Ed kept daring me and pushing me on, and I finally had to respond.

Don't believe me? Well, as my first entry, here's the proof (transcript of IM conversation)...

Me: Hello? Just posted on your blog. Good stuff that blog o' yerz
Ed V: thanks. sorry.. was away for a bit..
So I gathered. Isn't it about past your bedtime?
EV: wow. do i know you?
me: Found your "handle" on your blog. Added you to my Adium list
EV: awesome how'd you come across my blog?
me: I ran across your blog while reading friends' blogs on blogspot.
EV: wow.. that's pretty cool.. blog surfing?
me: Yeah. Great word coinage
EV: totally..
me: Do you have any other IM handles I should add to my app?
EV: nope.
EV: actually.. one of my blog entries was related to that very topic.. read the MOPD one.. Multiple Online Personality Disorder.
me: got it!
EV: my better blog entries were my earlier ones.. haven't had too much time lately .. need to make more time..
me: Haven't you heard of the Conservation of Time? Time can neither be created nor destroyed. Like energy, it can only be used or wasted.
EV: lol the way i use my time.. some would say I waste it.
me: Do you think the MOPD emails could have been hack attacks?
EV: 'hmm haven't seen any..let me check..
me: Maybe attempts to "probe" your "ports"?
EV: lol. nah.. they were the ladies that replied on here.
me: I'm a little paranoid about that sort of thing since talking to helpdesk last week re: my wifi network.
EV: it was my way of telling them to pick a freakin name cause they each had so many i couldnt' keep up.
me: Hey you know something just occurred to me. You should write a blog entry about blog surfing.
EV: really? why's that? YOU need to get a blog
EV: free. 2 min
me: I'm thinking of saving this entire exchange and posting it as my first blog entry. wadyathink?
EV: do it. lol
EV: i dare you.
EV: i double dog dare you.
EV: you don't have the balls. lol
me: Don't say it...
EV: i triple dog dare you with whipped cream and a cherry on top.
me: Okay. That's it... I'll copy you on the post.
EV: rofl sweeeeeeeeet
EV: forever immortalized in a blog
me: What more could you ask for.