Monday, July 18, 2005

Expectation management

Okay, so I got one post up. I just want to send this warning to the intrepid readers of this blog (yes, all two of you): Don't get used to the idea of frequent updates.

Unlike some bloggers (you know who you are amy), I don't have time to log in on an office computer to work on personal projects.

Also, I frequently find I don't really have anything to say (er, write). So you'd just better get used to the idea.

One of my favorite pastimes since my childhood years has been surfing around to other peoples' blogs, reading posts, then following links to their favorite blogs. It was during one of these blogsurfing sessions that I came across Mae's blog.

Mae had a case of the Mondays and I and a few other posters took time to offer some words of encouragement. Things seem to be getting better for our young Canadian. It felt good to be able to reach out to a total stranger and give a virtual hug. Try that on the streets of most cities and you get slapped with an injunction and a restraining order (don't worry Ed, I won't go into details).

Anyway, I just think that's what's great about the Internet. That and porn.

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