Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Epic FAILS 2009

YouTube and other online video sharing services have become a real boon to people like me who like to get all of our rubbernecking done at one time.

This 2009 FAIL Reel is really hard to watch in places. But it's also really hard to not watch. My personal favorite moment is the roundhouse kick that comes at 1:45. And I put the number of broken noses at about 10. This is great documentation of Darwinism at work.

BTW: I noticed that in a lot of places this is getting taken down from the video sharing sites due to "terms of use violations" -- not sure what that is, but this might already be deleted by the time you read this. Rest assured, though. It was awesome.

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  1. I kept laughing and saying, "oh, shit!" Thanks for sharing


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