Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Southpark me

Since I don't really have the opportunity to meet in person with any of the thronging hoards who read this blog, I went to this page to create myself as a Southpark character.

Here I am...

Post a link to the Southpark you in the comments, so I can virtually see what you would look like in Southpark, Colo.



  1. That was fun but I don;t know how to save it. So I'll just pur the link up and hope it works.

    So there it do you post these pics? I did the pumpkin one too but I couldn't save it...can you tell me how???

    I made a pretty good Jack o lantern too! LOL...

  2. Link didn't work...but I am not that savvy...

  3. echele,
    I just take a screenshot, crop it, and use a graphics program to save it as a jpeg.

    Recently I've been using a utility called Screen Grab. Here's a link to the peecee version on CNet. It's a free download. Good luck.

  4. Yay! I did it...I'll post it on my plog. Thank you!


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