Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cyber Swag!

Or, "Holy crap! It actually worked!!"

About a month ago I heard an Internet rumor that Senseo, a single serve coffee joint venture of Sara Lee and Phillips electronics, was giving away free coffee makers as part of a promotion.

Knowing from previous experience the value of Internet rumors (man, that was one crazy Yom Kippur!), I was very skeptical. But I went to the Drop the Drip website to learn more.

So the deal was, you send in a picture of your old coffee maker (plus $15 shipping and handling, of course) and Senseo sends you a "free" Senseo Single Serve coffee maker -- a $60 value.

The website seemed legit, so I snapped a pic of my with my trusty and clicked upload. All that was left was the small matter of handing my VISA card number over to an internet form and waiting.

Well, to my surprise, my shiny new red arrived today. Can't wait to fire it up and drink myself into a caffeine-induced epileptic fit.

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