Thursday, December 22, 2005

Even in New Jersey

I saw the governor of New Jersey wasn't happy with the state's new slogan, "New Jersey, we'll win you over," for which they paid a consultant a cool quarter of a million tomatoes.

Meh, it could be worse. But in an effort to get more entries, N.J Governor Richard Codey announced a contest open to NJ residents to come up with a new state slogan. Unfortunately, he didn't count on the sarcasm of his constituents.

The slogan committee has already had to weed out suggestions like "Come to New Jersey: It's not as bad as it smells."

Luckily, being from Kansas I have some recent experience with this sort of thing, so I’ve taken it upon myself to add a few of my own suggestions. Just PayPal me the $260,000, Gov. Codey.
  • New Jersey: Keeping it in the Family
  • New Jersey: Everyone’s a Soprano
  • New Jersey: Neither New, nor a Jersey
  • New Jersey: More than just a turnpike
  • New Jersey: The State Shaped Like an Appendix

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  1. Awe man! Give me a break!!!! NJ is awesome. We already have enough people..let's just leave it at New Jersey: The Attitude Capital, Now Go The Fuck Home! We do have some bad cities, like Camden (which I have the pleasure of driving through every morning), Jersey City and Newark but bad cities are in every state. We are right between Philly, Baltimore, Washington DC and New York, can't get any better than that and we have Wawa's! LOL...Jersey is awesome, I am glad I was raised here, moving from Houston, TX...don't get me wrong, I am proud of my southern roots but am just as proud to be from NJ as well. As far as I am concerned, there's nothing but the East Coast, West coast and Florida...everything else might as well be the back woods of Alabama...that's perfect isn't it? An East coast point of view...LMAO...

  2. echele, I'm glad you posted. I thought I would get a response from you. ;-)

    Just poking a little fun. I think every state struggles with a form of "profiling" -- it's just human nature.

    So why not have a little fun with it. Believe me, I've heard a fair number of motto's for Kansas-- "The first of the Rectangular States."

    Anyway, have a great holiday season. Go easy on that New Jersey Egg Nog.

  3. I kinda knew you thought I would, even in Jersey we make fun of does everyone else...I mean, everyone makes fun of Jersey, in movies, on TV, even the concert for New York was busting on Jersey...and it is a joke here that all Italians think they are connected somewhere in the family...we were/are/who knows... a dumping ground for New York back in the day, most famous for dumping bodies here and in Atlantic City from mob hits...although you don't hear much about the mob anymore in south jersey unless it is connected to Philly and they are very much alive in Philly (there are still hits going on making the papers), I work with quite a few people related to "famous" mobsters in Philly, so it is real...(and I say that b/c I thought it was all back in the day stuff until I met these people...have some funny stories about that)....and yes keep it in the family, everyone employs family from highschools to municipalities...that's very true, don't know how it is in other places but yes it is true here...totally...lmao...and it is true that we can not understand people in the deep south...first person point of view, it drives me nuts! I have no idea what they are saying as they have no idea what I am saying...hard conversations they turn out to if ya ever need jersey myths busted or proved...just post about Jersey

  4. Thanks for being a good sport and for letting me -- as they say in Joizy -- bust your chops.


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