Friday, December 02, 2005

Amelie Friday

It's time once again for Amelies Friday, so let's play The Amelie Game.
Here they are, three likes and three dislikes for the week:
Things I like
  • free Senseo promotions
  • having my Christmas shopping done (thank you Amazon)
  • (you can buy it online, too)

Things I dislike
  • when dentists don't keep their appointments
  • Delta Dental doesn't cover my fillings
  • ("hatred of science, literature and minorities by the current populace" ... whatever, dude).
How has your week been?

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  1. Yay!

    1- Nail Polish with Whacky names like...Vampy...Not A Waitress Tonight!....Hot Blooded...Hot Ass Chic!

    2- Victoria Secrets Makeup Kit

    3- Online Poker

    1- Kev (my bf) snoring all freaking night keeping me up till 4am...

    2- Being stuck behind someone who is driving so ridiculously slow they probably shouldn't have a license.

    3- Online's a love/hate relationship.

  2. Hooray for onlie poker ( since it's mac friendly).

    BTW, whatever happened to the southpark you?

  3. It is on my's linked on my main blog...Echele's Plog is what you'll see...Photo Blog.

  4. Maybe I'll try poker room then, I like full tilt and i tried Poker stars but it is so slow, drives me crazy, I lose patience and then end up playing on both sites at the same time and it is still too me crazy...I don't wait well...either ya got it or ya don't...yea so I'll checj out other sites, oh yeah, bodog too...I do like that one too but I always forget about


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