Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Biden my time

OMG Peopls! Can you believe the temerity of those REPUBLICANS!

Holy CRAPS! Trying to pull the steel wool over the eyes of the American voting public by putting a WOMAN on the presidential ticket.

Who the HELL do they think they are! Who do they think they're fooling.

I'm telling you, this is the best thing that can happen for us DEMOCRATS, as if we need any help. I mean our OBAMA express is rolling. Change is inevitable. CHANGE we can believe in!

My good friend and POLITICAL Siamese twin Xavier Onassis naield it today:
Think about this people. Who would you rather have a heartbeat away from the presidency? Sarah Palin? Or Joe Biden? I can't believe there is any question about this.
Are you kidding me? There IS no question. We can't have a WOMAN in the vp seat. We need to stock the cupboard with dudes, the older, richer and whiter, the better.

You can at least count on them not to get PREGNANT while in office.

I mean, as a rabid liberal I'm all for being progressive... up to a point. But when it comes to Hillary or Palin, well, let's be reasonable here. If we can't rely on them to keep their kids from getting pregnant, how the hell can we count on them to do whatever it is the vice president is supposed to do?

I think we all know how much of a disaster a post-menopausal chick would be in a high office. Hell, look how Nancy Pelosi has run the House into the ground. Worst Congress EVAR! Thank you Mrs. Pelosi!

These REPUBLICANS are so dense. Don't they get that we ALREADY rejected a woman being on the Ballot when we chose Obama Christ Superstar as our Candidate?

Unbelievable! And now they think we're actually going to even give this Palin chick a chance. PUHLEEEEZZE!!!!

Rich, old, white Joe Biden is the kind of change this country can believe in.


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  1. I don't think... I know I just pissed myself reading this post!

  2. Democrats were out-maneuvered that's why they are so pissed. Smarter ones realize that this just might work. I don't care who gets elected but it's just funny to see how they dropped all that "hope" b.s.and went back to talking about abortion.

  3. I attempted to clarify my point in the comments.
    It has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman.

    It has to do with her qualifications to be thrust into the presidency in the highly unlikeley event that McCain actually won the election, and the highly LIKELY event that he drops dead in the next 4 years.

    Being mayor of a town smaller than Excelsior Springs, MO and 2 years as governor of a state that is mostly empty space, populated by Whole Earth Hippies and Right Wing Survivalists, does not a president make.

  4. A woman tha'ts not Pro-choice is like a black guy who wears a Confederate-flag hat. Pathetic. As a man, I can care less about abortion, but any woman who's not Pro-Choice just on principle probably has a genetic disposition towards mental retardation. I don't plan to own a gun, but I'd never give up my right to have one. This chick's a moron. An idiot. Eye candy to inject life into the campaign of a dried-up old man.

  5. XO, by your definition the Republican VP candidate has more executive experience than the Democratic POTUS candidate.

    Frankly, I don't think either party has a worthwhile ticket. The hypocrisy in this race is rampant on both sides. It makes me sick.

  6. That's the spirit, Lodo. I'm glad more people like you are coming around to the realization that if women don't believe the way we men want them to, then they are stupid, idiotic retarded morons.

    I think more and more Democrats are beginning to think this way. Yay for them!

  7. Just popped in.

    On principle, I refuse to trust politicians of any strip because I know they're primary concern is not the electorate but rather themselves.


  8. I'm fed up with the whole process, I say we go to dueling pistols at 12 paces, make it 6 Mclame is kind of old. Seriously though, I think you should give Lodo some kind of recognition for this gem
    "A woman tha'ts not Pro-choice is like a black guy who wears a Confederate-flag hat."
    That is one hella funny.

  9. Hey Emawk,

    I didn't know "men" speak with one voice. Women need to follow their own voice and should never have any decision dictated upon them. Thats the whole idea of what Im talking about. Enjoy the campaigns!.

  10. I would LOVE to have a woman in the white house. Just NOT Palin. I'm tired of the Republican anti-abortion but pro-death penalty stance. Also there's that whole abortion by bombs on brown babies in Iraq that really pisses me off.


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