Monday, September 15, 2008

Man Grabs a Log III

Hey everybody! It's that time of year again! Back for its third annual installment...

It's (cue the Monty Python theme music...)

Emawkc's 3rd Annual Blog Anagram Game!!!

Yes sir, you heard right. It's the most popular 3rd Annual Blog Anagram Game!!! in the blogospheriverse.

If this is your first time participating in the 3rd Annual Blog Anagram Game!!!, then you are in for a treat. Here's a quick recap of the rules:
Below is a list of 10 blog titles in anagram form (anigramified, if you will). Your assignment, should you choose not to puss out, is to decode the anagrams and leave a comment with the answer.

Each time someone correctly decodes a title, you get a point. I'll link to the respective blog once its anagrammed title has been decoded. The commenter with the most points will win bragging rights, link love and lots of fabulous prizes**.
But wait, you say you suck at word games? Don't worry my friend, this game is designed to put the odds in your favor. All of the animgramified blogs below are listed in the blogroll to the left.

And as if giving you the answers doesn't make it easy enough, here's another hint: None of the blogs used last year or the year before are used this year.

I don't know how it could possibly be easier. And it certainly couldn't be more fun (unless you were naked).

Okay, here are this year's anagrams. Good luck.
  1. A blended severed snout
  2. Amiably OK poser
  3. Let Evil Deb tow lines
  4. Gabbling fur troll drumming
  5. Fleeciness moon grunting hymn
  6. Heathendom's vim tit
  7. Her gallant beer
  8. Pitch mole
  9. Satanic egg club
  10. Trolls go gab
*Yes, the title of this post is actually and anagram for "blog anagrams" -- I'm so fricken clever I scare myself.
**As usual, no actual prizes will be given. You should know me better than that.
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  1. 8 is chimpotle - I just scored!

  2. Nice job m.v. You get two bonus points for being first.

  3. Ok, I now have a headache. No, that's not the name of a blog - but you were right about the naked part.

    I'll come back later and try again.

  4. Mmmm, too bad Eolai. That's minus 2 points for giving up too quickly.

    But not to worry, it's 2 U.S. points which translates to only 1.4 European points with current exchange rates. So you're not out of the running yet. Come back soon and try again.

  5. 5 is Frighteningly Uncommon Sense

  6. Well done Hoopstar. That puts you in second place with 1 point.

  7. I think #4 is Rumbling Grumbling Old Fart and #10 is Logtars Blog

  8. I agree with #10.

    #7 is General Blather, and #6 is The MToast Hivemind.

  9. Maybe #7 is General Blather?

  10. 9- cubicle gangsta - score!

  11. #1 is Dave's Double Entendres

  12. 3. - will not be televised

  13. #3 is Will not be televised

  14. LOL, chris beat me to it. I had to type the word verification thing three times before I got it right!


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