Monday, September 08, 2008

I need your advice on something

So I'm in the market for a new mobile phone.

It's been a long time since I've had a gadget upgrade of any kind, so I'm looking around for a device with a few more bells and whistles. I need want to get one of those "smart" devices where you can get your email, your calendar and to-do items, surf the web, stalk Scarlett Johansson using the built-in GPS functions, etc.

You know, your basic starter mobile device.

Anyway, I've been shopping around for a few weeks and it looks like I have a decision to make. There are essentially three smart phone software systems to choose from:

1) BlackBerry: One of the originals. This technology is famous for the effective "push" email technology that allows quick and easy access to your work and, more importantly, personal email.

2) Palm: One of the other originals. Known for its PDA software. I think this has a "fetch" email reader rather than a "push" email reader like the BlackBerry, but I could be all wrong about that.

3) Windows Mobile: I don't really know anything about this other than it comes from Microsoft and nobody ever has any problems with Microsoft products.

Actually, I don't really have any real experience with any of the products, other than I used a Palm PDA device years ago before they were connected to phones (I had a Handspring Vizor). Not sure how much the software has changed since then.

That's what I need you guys for. Have you used any of these? Do you recommend it? Any pros? Cons? Easily accessible pornographic material? I just need to know the important stuff here.

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  1. My only piece of advice is to get something with a SIM card. That way, you're not tied to that phone forever.

    I've had my palm centro for a while now and it's adequate for my needs, but it doesn't have a SIM, so if anything should happen to my phone, the data since the last sync will be gone baby gone.

    I'd also try to determine how you're going to use your next mobile device. If you get hooked on text-messaging, a keyboard is a must-have. Nine-keying text messages is teh suck!

    If I were forced to buy a mobile device again, I'd probably go with a BlackBerry of some sort, although if you want *really* good gps, the Nuviphone will be out 1Q2009.

  2. I enthusiastically endorse the BlackBerry Pearl (if you want something that is still small enough to not feel like a huge departure from a traditional mobile phone) or the BlackBerry Curve - slightly bigger with a full keyboard. I love my BlackBerry and even with all of the iPhone buzz, refuse to switch. You could also hold out for the BlackBerry Bold which is the newest (and sleekest) BlackBerry yet.

  3. Why don't you get a tin can and some string?

    When it come to technology I find that its always best to go with what the girl says.

    Whatever you go with, don't use Sprint, THEY SUCK!

  4. I have BB Pearl, don't use it for email or whatever so I can't testify to that,BUT I carry it in my pocket not in the holster and little trackball never works right. Call quality is so-so, will not get it again. Although maybe it's wonderful for everything else.

  5. I'm waiting for the Bold to come to Sprint later this year. It's the only Sprint phone that will sync with my Mac.

  6. If you aren't going iPhone, I can say that I have always like Blackberry. If you work for a large enough company to support mobile devices they probably already have Enterprise support.

    I had one of the originals (PDA/Email device) before they added the phone and really liked it. My buddy with an integrated device sleeps with it beside the bed.

    Another friend has a Windows mobile device, and while it does everything he needs he is thinking of going iPhone. He does work for/get mobile service from AT&T tho, so keep that in mind.

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