Monday, March 15, 2010


Against my better judgment, I am once again posting my NCAA Tourney bracket. Why? I guess because I enjoy being mocked and made fun of.

I've admitted before that I go with my heart and not my head on these kinds of things (and we know how that turns out). Sure, I could follow the pack, pick the top seeds, and probably do much better. But where's the fun in that? Well, yes, I suppose I can see the fun would be in rubbing it in the face of all my friends how awesome I am at picking basketball winners.

But I guess I don't see the point of being a basketball fan if you can be a fan. Anyway, all that is in defense of why I have an all-Wildcat final with K-State beating Kentucky.

Click to embiggen...

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  1. My bracket looks almost exactly like yours, main difference being Baylor replacing Duke in the Final Four. Although, I will be submitting a second bracket with hopes of actually winning a pool.

  2. Not bad picks. I have K-State to the Final Four, as I think they'll surprise a lot of people this year. Ditto Baylor, though that makes a Final Four with 75% Big XII. So be it.

    And, I'll be happy if Mizzou gets to next weekend.


  3. You might want to call the building maintenance people...seems there could be a carbon monoxide leak somewhere around your desk, or something. You should have that checked out before you've completely lost your mind. :P

    I have KU, K-State, Villanova, and Kentucky in the Final Four, with KU and Kentucky battling it out in the end. I think KU can take 'em, but it remains to be seen. SO EXCITED!!! :D

  4. Syracuse is going down--first 1 seed to lose to a 16. Go Vermont Catamounts!

    OK, seriously now...


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