Friday, March 26, 2010

A kind of madness

Over the past five to 10 years, I've developed a pretty good handle on one of my more persistent personal demons.

You see, I'm a nervous nail biter. During times of stress or boredom or anguish, I'm known to nervously bite, chew or peel my fingernails -- sometimes to the point of bleeding. I know. It's gross. I'm not proud of it and to be honest I'm kind of putting myself out there emotionally just mentioning it here.

But like I said, over the last ten years or so I've pretty much got this demon under control. Regular use of clippers and emery boards has allowed me to grow fingernails that, while not perfectly manicured, are at least presentable enough that I don't need to keep my hands in my pockets during business meetings.

But I'm only human. And admittedly flawed human at that. And last night's game between K-State and Xavier in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen was legendary in it's nail-biting epicness.

I know a lot of people are calling it the best game of the tournament so far. Some radio guys this morning said it was one of the Best. Games. EVAR!

Personally, I don't know if I have the constitution for many more games like this. Sure it was entertaining, but they say your heart gets about 3 billion beats in a lifetime, and I may have used up about 500 million last night.

I don't know if the 'Cats will win Saturday against Butler. The Bulldogs beat a #1 seeded Syracuse, so they're not going to roll over and play dead for K-State. But this double overtime stuff? I'd be perfectly happy if the 'Cats just blew out their next couple of opponents by double digit scores.

It would give my fingernails a chance to grow back.

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  1. I had them beating Syracuse, so I hope they can get past Butler, too. A lot of analysts chose them to go to the Final Four, too, so I don't think I'm crazy in that regard. I didn't see the game last night, but I'll be watching tomorrow! Good luck!

  2. Amazing, amazing game. Amazing performances under pressure by both teams.

    IVs all around afterwards, I hope. K State's radio announcers reported the arena was really hot.

    I do still have finger nails, but I couldn't stop fiddling with my BlackBerry. Finally just put it on ESPN and refreshed a lot...

  3. I like K-State as a sleeper. A lot of fortitude there, methinks.



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