Tuesday, September 14, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Instant Billy Joel

If you keep up with tech news — which is way less depressing than the real news — you no doubt heard about Google's launch of Google Instant last week.

Google Instant is an essentially useless feature that allows you to get "instant" search results rather than having to wait 0.8 seconds. I say it's essentially useless because it's only available on the Google home page, which, let's face it, nobody uses anymore.

But it is useful for the production of a nifty and moderately entertaining keyword search video set to the music of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire1. You might want to click full-screen mode to get full enjoyment from this video.

1. When is someone going to do an update to this song using references to the first decade of the current century?

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  1. Right after Google launched this "feature", a Stanford attending, Facebook intern launched Youtube Instant, which is waaaaaay more fun....unless you're silly enough to type in "gag..."


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