Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a mad, mad Mad Men world

One of my favorite local bloggers recently tried to watch the hit TV show Mad Men, but couldn't get through an entire episode because it's so booooooorrriinnnnggggg.
People blather on about how beautifully the show captures the 1960s—the clothes, the sexism, the smoking. I got over that in about 15 minutes. Yes, you’ve done your research. Now have your characters DO something.
And you know what, I'm with JJS on this. I mean, if something doesn't have loud music and sparkly jingly things within the first five minutes, I say "see ya, wouldn't want to be ya."

It's like, what am I watching TV for, to be intellectually stimulated? To have to actually THINK about what I'm seeing? Hellz no! I'm watching TV so I DON'T have to think, so I can just see some holier-than-thou never-was tell some untalented nobody that "You Suck!"

Now THAT'S entertainment!

And I don't want to hear any of you book lovers tell me to go read a book, either! Have you ever TRIED to read something like The Great Gatsby?! Yeah, right. "Great" my ass. If it's so great, why doesn't anything happen until, like, the second chapter.

No thank you. Give me some good wholesome Deal or No Dancing with America's Top Survivor Idol. At least something actually HAPPENS in those shows.

But Mad Men? Yeah. Nothing EVAR happens.

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  1. Ha! Nice work. You've convinced me.

    In fact, I'm now making it my duty to carve out an evening to watch Season 3, Episodes 1-5 to enjoy those two minutes of office hilarity in their proper context.

  2. That tractor thing was one of my favorite parts, too.

    And then I tried watching the beginning of this season, and I found I just didn't care about any of them any more. I don't care to see how they develop, or what happens to them in their loveless marriages and unhappy little worlds. I don't care to find out if Peggy is able to break through the penis ceiling in the ad industry at all. I just wound up hating it.

    I'd rather watch shows like "Lie to Me" and "The Good Guys" on Fox, or silly reality thingers like Top Chef and Flipping Out on Bravo. If that makes me brainless, so be it.

    I'm just glad I wasn't a housewife in the 60's...

  3. Tried getting into the show last season and failed utterly. However I have watched, and not regretted, the last 3 episodes of this season. To be fair tho, that's because I watch Rubicon before (talk about all thinking, little doing).

    I have come to 2 conclusions about the show. First Jon Hamm is dashing, I mean old school Carey Grant smooth in this show. Second, Christina Hendricks is hotter than fresh bacon grease whether playing somebody form the future or the past.

  4. I was lucky enough to see commercials for this show on AMC (they don't produce original content!!) before the first episode of season 1 aired. I think it's probably a different exercise altogether now that it's been hyped so much. I will pulled in from the beginning by a man named hamm and a woman dressed like a christmas one. so i'm not going to try to convince anyone -- but go back to it in 5 years after everyone has forgotten about it. You'll enjoy it more.

  5. hey, at least it's not "LOST".

    Holy cow. That was a train wreck.

    Mo Rage

  6. Too bad. That guy had just gotten his foot in the door.


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