Tuesday, September 05, 2006

YouTube Tuesday: Video Exclusive

This week, we bring you a 3AM Video exclusive:
Joel Mathis' First Date!!!

We all know area blogger Joel Mathis for his excellent blogificating at Cup O' Joel. And many in the Lawrence area view the work of our intrepid newspaper editor every day in the Lawrence Journal World.

But only Three O'Clock in the Morning has captured this breaking video coverage. We can't be certain of the original author of this video. Our investigation is ongoing, but we suspect that it was taken by Mr. and Mrs. Mathis, who had installed a surveillance camera in Joel's bathroom to keep tabs on the teenage him.

But thanks to the ubiquity of video surveillance and the popularity of YouTube, we can bring you this unedited footage of Joel primping for his first date.

Note: The following video contains images that may be considered disturbing to some. Parental discretion is advised.

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  1. Unfortunately: Quite accurate. Except for the part about having enough hair to style a dozen different ways; I was never that blessed.

    Luckily, even us geeks find our way somehow. My very own supermodel wife and I did some of our best early bonding over shared viewings of "Battlestar Galactica."

    That said — Emaw, aren't you from Marion or thereabouts? If I remember correctly, pre-date primping there generally consisted of choosing which pocket to place the Skoal can in. ; )

    (I await your abuse.)

  2. Shows how much you know, Joel. The Skoal can always goes in the right rear pocket, behind the little round faded spot.

  3. The Star Trek poster in the mirror explains why this is his first date.

    Shades of "40 Year Old Virgin"!

    (thank god my webcam isn't on. Tri-corder, 2 phasers, communicator, plates, cups and saucers...need I say more?)

    Glad I'm no Geek! Jeez!


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