Thursday, October 15, 2009

Money, it's a gas

Hey let's face it people, our beloved greenback has taken its lumps the last few years.

Bush's supposed "strong dollar" policy didn't pan out so well as other currencies passed the buck in value at various times over the past few years (hell even the Canadian Loonie was beating the US dollar for a while).

And, with bajillions of new dollars pumped into the economy to make sure JPMorganChase would get record profits after screwing the country into economic Armageddon, it's pretty much a sure bet that the buck will get weaker before it gets stronger.

But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with it, does it?

The other day I received a $1 bill as change. On the back of the bill was printed this message: "You have found a wild bill. See where I have been. Enter the series & serial # at"

Now, before you go and think I'm all naive and everything let me just say that, yes, I recognized this as the government tracking program that it is. Obviously, it's just one more way for Big Brother to keep tabs on my whereabouts and spending.


I went to the website and punched in the info from the bill. The tracking report I got on this particular bill showed a previous entry from a fella who received it as change from the KCI Airport Super Shuttle. At the time, it was in "good, nearly new" condition. That was 28 days before the bill came to me.

When I received the bill it was still in good condition, but not nearly new. Lots of wrinkles and folds, almost like it had been crammed quickly into a pocket then straightened out and placed into a money clip, then at some point drunkenly stuck into a g-string. You can use your own imagination to predict where it went from there.

Anyway, you can participate in the fun by pulling a bill from your wallet and checking the yourself. C'mon, the government is already tracking you 10 different ways anyhow.

But if you're too paranoid to play this little game with your dollars, here's something else you can do.

I got an email the other day about Won Park, an origami artist who specializes in folding the dollar bills in to intricate shapes of animals and various objets d'argent. Here are the samples that were in the email I received.

And of course, my poetic favorite...

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  1. A dollar seems like a quarter anymore. I find them all over the house, in all the pockets, tucked in places in the car. Pathetic. Those pictures were cool.


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