Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Aegrescit medendo ...

...but I might try it anyway.
You might claim you’d do anything to reverse baldness, but the “vampire treatment” puts that sentiment to the test.  Scientists use injections of “platelet-rich plasma” to combat aging on the face and hands and can use the same process on the scalp.

Yes, the “vampire treatment” involves extracting your blood and re-injecting it into your scalp.  Volunteer attempts have proven successful, with many subjects experiencing significant hair growth in spots that have long gone dark.

Researchers believe that the treatment works by stimulating stem cells below the skin, assisting in the re-growth of hair.
I mean, when you think of if, it's really not all that different from pro cyclists banking their blood for later use in the Tour de France... except you're (hopefully) regrowing your flowing locks instead of sitting on a tiny bike seat for six hours a day.
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  1. Dude, just shave it. You won't look as good as me (no one does), but it will get you past that awkward stage.

  2. were i bald, or balding, i would want the option of a multi needled "hat", said platlet infused blood filling each tiny point, so i could don the '
    panama of pain' just once, rather than having some sweaty, fumble-fingered devry tech screw up any number of wildly varying injections...

    i'm jes' saying.

  3. I think that DIY, in-home cranial injection idea is gold! Le't get a Kickstarter going!


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