Thursday, April 01, 2021


The story so far...

I blogged a kind of dumb parody music video during the Christmas season of 2018.

I had nothing to say the entire year of 2019, but the spammites really took over the comments sections.

Then 2020 happened. You might remember it. You were probably there. If you weren't, I can tell you it wasn't much fun. If you were, but you're trying to NOT remember... brother, I don't blame you. 

Years ago, when the Inkernets was still young, a guy wrote some advice to me that I've been mulling over on occasion ever since...
No matter how great (or ungreat) you are, ultimately, NOTHING you do can change the fate of the universe (but everything you do will bring the universe closer to it's fate :). Hamlet himself, the author of "Shakspeare" (the box office hit) once said, 'Ya know, Caesar himself could be this brick in my wall...' (well something like that; I don't remember the exact wording).

The point is this: Whether the universe decides to collapse into a spec of ultra extremely gigantically ludicrously dense material, or spill out over the voids until the last solid body (and brain) evaporates into cold nothingness, you will be able to do exactly nothing to stop it, no matter how great a person you are. 
I don't know about you all, but I take comfort in that.

Cheers, Inkernets...

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  1. I'm 76 years old, so I take even more comfort than you do. I'm just glad there's an end to what's been a great run, because politicians have ruined the country for me and it's getting worse. I just hope it doesn't get too hopeless until I'm gone.


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