Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's Ed's fault

So I keep hearing about these so-called "blogs" from my so-called "friends" on the so-called "Internet." Kudos to the web powers that be for the further democratization of content. Anyway, you can all blame Ed V (last name withheld since Ed is wanted in several states and provinces) for this blog. You see, I was happy to stay on the sidelines and browse a few of my favorite blogs, then Ed kept daring me and pushing me on, and I finally had to respond.

Don't believe me? Well, as my first entry, here's the proof (transcript of IM conversation)...

Me: Hello? Just posted on your blog. Good stuff that blog o' yerz
Ed V: thanks. sorry.. was away for a bit..
So I gathered. Isn't it about past your bedtime?
EV: wow. do i know you?
me: Found your "handle" on your blog. Added you to my Adium list
EV: awesome how'd you come across my blog?
me: I ran across your blog while reading friends' blogs on blogspot.
EV: wow.. that's pretty cool.. blog surfing?
me: Yeah. Great word coinage
EV: totally..
me: Do you have any other IM handles I should add to my app?
EV: nope.
EV: actually.. one of my blog entries was related to that very topic.. read the MOPD one.. Multiple Online Personality Disorder.
me: got it!
EV: my better blog entries were my earlier ones.. haven't had too much time lately .. need to make more time..
me: Haven't you heard of the Conservation of Time? Time can neither be created nor destroyed. Like energy, it can only be used or wasted.
EV: lol the way i use my time.. some would say I waste it.
me: Do you think the MOPD emails could have been hack attacks?
EV: 'hmm haven't seen any..let me check..
me: Maybe attempts to "probe" your "ports"?
EV: lol. nah.. they were the ladies that replied on here.
me: I'm a little paranoid about that sort of thing since talking to helpdesk last week re: my wifi network.
EV: it was my way of telling them to pick a freakin name cause they each had so many i couldnt' keep up.
me: Hey you know something just occurred to me. You should write a blog entry about blog surfing.
EV: really? why's that? YOU need to get a blog
EV: free. 2 min
me: I'm thinking of saving this entire exchange and posting it as my first blog entry. wadyathink?
EV: do it. lol
EV: i dare you.
EV: i double dog dare you.
EV: you don't have the balls. lol
me: Don't say it...
EV: i triple dog dare you with whipped cream and a cherry on top.
me: Okay. That's it... I'll copy you on the post.
EV: rofl sweeeeeeeeet
EV: forever immortalized in a blog
me: What more could you ask for.

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  1. lol. as usual, you're weeks late in your delivery. you should work in IT somewhere. oh wait..


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