Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy hangover

It's a slow day for posting. Sorry about that. I'm just not feeling all that well today.

Oh, nothing serious. Thanks for your concern, though. It's just that I've had a bit of a hangover all day.

You see, I have a longstanding tradition that I just started yesterday. December 5 is a big day in my family. We celebrate Repeal Day.

That's right, the pivotal moment in US history when the United States Government did what is probably the only useful thing it has ever done: repealed the Eighteenth Amendment.

If you yourself are still too foggy-headed to remember, that's the Prohibition amendment. Yesterday we celebrated the 73rd anniversary of the ratification of the 21st amendment (the one that repealed the 18th, whew, this is getting difficult), and guaranteed every American of age the constitutional right to get shitface drunk.

So here's to the 21st Amendment, and Repeal Day, and two Aspirin and my special hangover cure of two raw eggs blended with cherry Gatorade and ice.

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  1. "two raw eggs blended with cherry Gatorade and ice"

    Eewwww. That's just nasty. I'm picturing not only raw eggs, but with the addition of the cherry gatorade and ice, it's now raw eggs that look bloody and chunky.

    Dude, that's fucked up.

    You just ain't hooked up right. In the head.

    Get yerself a full neurological workup. Seriously. It's worth the money.



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