Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama’s Public Service plan

Like 105% of the American population I've been in a constant state of euphoria for the past week or so, ever since CNN called the election for Barack H. Obama Superstar.

I think my record of rejoicing is well documented, so I won't go over all the reasons this is election is totally going to change the way policy and lawmaking are carried out in America.

In fact, I'm so eager to Change things that I've been spending a lot of time on the Obama website, just having hope and changing.

That's where I found this awesomely changing idea for compulsory Universal Voluntary Public Service. Here's one way we will create hope by integrating public service into learning:
Require 100 Hours of Service in College: Obama and Biden will establish a new American Opportunity Tax Credit that is worth $4,000 a year in exchange for 100 hours of public service a year.
I'm tellin' you. This is one of the best hope-creating ideas of the Obama administration so far. It's so easy, I can't believe we haven't done this already (well, we didn't have any hope or change before Obama, so I guess I can believe it).

Sure there will be naysayers who claim that you can't bribe people into giving a shit about their community, but I think those people underestimate the power of $4,000 a year.

And I did check the numbers. There are roughly 17.5 million college students in the U.S. So, at $4,000 per college student per year, this program would only cost seventy billion dollars a year, a small price to pay to force college students to volunteer.

Luckily, our national reserve of Hope has never been bigger. We have vast supplies of Hope stored up, more than enough to cover $70 Billion a year for college students.

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  1. The really awesome part of this will be that college tuition will rise about $4000 per year, to take advantage of the new found free money being made available from taxpayers.

  2. "Compulsory universal public service?" Might want to check Obama's web site cause the guy graduated from Harvard and wrote for the Law Review. "Compulsory universal public service" sounds like Palin English to me. Gotta hand it to you though, you sure know how to celebrate and party!

  3. Old Fart is exactly correct. Government subsidies only cause the cost of the product subsidized to rise. That's because if I'm willing to pay $5000 for a year in college that's what I'm going to pay. Thus, my college will cost $9000 -- Five grand of my money and four grand of somebody else's money.


  4. Lodo,

    You're right. The Obama website uses the word "require" not the word "compulsory." There's totally a huge difference.

    I guess that's why he'll in the White House and I won't.

    But you're also right about my hardy partying skeellz. You have a standing invitation to come over to my house during the holidays. I have an killer recipe for eggnog made with lighter fluid.

  5. ""Compulsory universal public service" sounds like Palin English to me."

    Hm. So a universal public service that is required by law sounds like "Palin English" eh? Got it.

    I wonder what the Obama dictionary is going to be like when it is released. I can't WAIT!

  6. We're in the midst of 2 wars and face the prospect of 2.5 million unemployed autoworkers before Obama's even inaugurated and you all are complaining about a teen volunteer program?! Folks, wake up to reality. Any and all campaign promises are going to be revised and/or reconfigured. All financial plans and proposed programs devised even a month ago will have to be re-worked. Not one complaint about Bush and Republicans--just complaints about a guy who hasn't served a day as President yet. Incredible.

  7. "Any and all campaign promises are going to be revised and/or reconfigured."

    ...Or flat out broken. This is politics as usual, which is what I've been talking about.

    You can bet that any and all failures of Obama will be attributed to the horrible state that Bush left the country in.

    This is the same thing the Republicans did when GW took over in 2000. They blamed all the problems on Clinton.

    As far as complaining about Bush, what's left to say? It's all been said (other than the fact that people forget that we'll still have pretty much the same Congress that has been FUBARing the country for the past two years).

    And don't misinterpret this to think that I approve of anything the so-called Republicans have done.

  8. What more can be said about Bush and Repubs? Thats whats so sad--they havent bottomed-out yet! Economy continues to descend into depression-type numbers. Three days in a row of resumed suicide bombings in Baghdad. Iran testing missles capable of reaching Europe. Paulson in Treasury is just...(heavy sigh). Im not saying you have to liek Obama. But be honest! he hasnt done anything yet. Thats the whole criticism of him is it not? You're so anxious to pounce on the guy. Give him time, he'll fuck up. Till then, how bout giving it a rest?

  9. Lodo, mainly my criticism is of the blind Obama supporters who have bought in to the obviously false promises of his campaign (although most are starting to back off and are beginning to apologize for him now).

    Other than that, I guess I could criticize Obama for voting in favor of $850 billion in financial bailouts (so far) and voting in favor of domestic spying.

    But overall, you're right. He hasn't done anything.


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