Monday, November 17, 2008

It's gotta be the shoes

This has been a really strange day.

It started this morning when I left the house without my wallet. So after dropping the kid off at school, I went a few blocks out of the way to stop by my house to pick it up so I'd have cash for hookers and blow this afternoon.

So then, 10 minutes later I parked in the garage at work and was making my way to the door of my building when I realized I'd forgotten my work ID/key card. So back in the car, 10 minute drive back home, up to my bedroom to get my key card, back in the car, another 10 minutes to the garage, park (I get the same parking place I had the first time), and finally up to my desk.

So I'm starting work late, my computer's acting all up and stuff and it just feels like thing the world in general is out of sync with me and I can't figure out why.

Then it hits me. I bought some new shoes Saturday.

I've been in need of new shoes for a while, and I'm kind of a picky shoe buyer, embracing as I do the importance of comfortable kicks. As Cliff Claven rightly pointed out, all great civilizations had, at their base, comfortable footwear.

Anyway, it takes me a lot of shopping before I can settle on a pair of shoes fit for my soles. But Saturday I stumble into a suitably comfy pair of shoes from Johnston & Murphy.

So today I'm wearing my new Sandro Moscolonis and, while they are indeed cozy (they were "hand made in Brazil" so of course they're comfortable), they just don't feel like my shoes yet.

So that's what I attribute the mild imbalance too. You gotta feel good from the feet up or your day will just seem a little off kilter.

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  1. I bought some ECCO shoes few years ago,the most comfortable shoes I had in years. When I wear them out I am getting another pair.

  2. You type the truth, M.V. It was a pair of ECCOs that I was replacing. I wore my previous shoes so long that I wore them the hell out.

    I plan on taking them to a cobbler (is that still a word?) to see if they can be reconditioned and repaired.

    Double plus good are the ECCOs.

  3. seeing as how Johnston & Murphy is THE 'shoe-er' for the President of the United States, and this post included a picture of another oft-over-hyped, yet truly transformational and HISTORICAL black man - I believe your off day was caused by your resistance to change, of the footwear and/or political and inspirational variety.

    Just a hunch.

  4. Sponge,

    I read your comment with a Cliff Claven voice in my head. Classic!


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