Saturday, May 30, 2009

Persona non blogga

Hello? (tap, tap, tap) Is this thing on?

Wow. Funny how real life can get in the way of the internetz sometimes. Not funny like "ha ha" funny. More like funny in that ironical, makes-you-think kind of way.

So anyway, here's an update from my Awesome life. A few highlights from my week (like you care).
  • I finally mowed my grass in the back yard. Due to a series of unfortunate events that included business travel and lots of rain, some of the grass back there was nearly a foot tall. And don't even get me started on the weeds. My back yard has more weed than a Rotterdam coffee house.

  • Kicked ass at Need for Speed Undercover on the Wii. I think my real life driving style has really prepared me for success in this game.

  • Contributed to the Xtacles second-place finish in our weekly bowling league match up. I have a feeling that Logtar and Chimpotle are getting frustrated with my unconventional overhand bowling style. Trust me guys, it will start to click soon.

  • Planted some upside-down tomatoes. Also, some upside-down cucumbers. Up next: Upside-down carrots and upside "home-grown herbs."

  • Installed a keypad garage door opener. Yeah, most people in the 'burbs already have one of these, so I thought I'd bring us into the 1990s. Email me if you want the combination.
Let's see. It seems like there was at least on other big thing that happened. Well, I don't know about "big," but it's probably worth mentioning in passing...

Our second daughter arrived!!!

That's right. I'm doing my part to pass on superior genetic material to help delay the inevitable demise of the human race. Now mind you, I'm not talking about my genes. The world doesn't need more fat bald guys. But it's important that my Supermodel Wife's Supermodel Genes get passed on to future generations. For our purposes, that means a second future-Supermodel daughter.

And she was an early bird, arriving about three weeks early. Four pounds. Twelve ounces. Tons of heart.

Yeah. It's been a good week.

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  1. congratulations on your baby, I even posted sightings of you on my now dormant blog. now on to more important things: how are these topsy things. reviews are split and I am about to buy a regular planter,change my mind

  2. Thanks for the sentiments, PDSH and MV.

    MV, perhaps I'll put up a separate post to review the Topsys.

  3. That's wonderful new. Congratulations Mom and Dad.

  4. Yahahaaay! Congrats, Emaw. Let me know when you need a delayed trip home at the end of the day, and I'll buy you a drink or two at a local watering hole of your choosing. :D

  5. Gratz again dude, bowling you better shape up !

  6. Congratulations to you & your wife!


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