Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Do you see any flippin' Sasquatches around here!?!

You thought the whole Napoleon Dynamite thing was over? Think again.

The Utah State Fair hired Napoleon and his student body president sidekick Pedro to be the pitch duo for this year's festivities.

In a series of TV and radio ads, Napoleon and his perm give insightful tidbits about the history of Utah blood feuds, the development of Sasquatch-killing horses and Utah carnival ride technology.

Granted, the fair has been over for a couple of weeks, but I'm hoping these two guys will show up in future ads -- maybe there's a new telecom or internet company looking for a new spokesduo.

The ads (click the "Napoleon's Sweet Ads" link) are in Real Media format, so I had to download the free Real Media player to see them. But it was worth it.

I mean, they were sweet!

PS - Check out this quote page.

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