Monday, October 17, 2005

Them There Eyes

KC is a great town for live jazz music.

I mean, I’m sure other towns are great too. I know for a fact that Chicago has some slammin’ joints. But I’m not trying to get into some kind of parochial pissing match about whose city has the best live jazz music scene. I’m just sayin’ KC is a great town for live jazz music.

Last Friday night my Supermodel Wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with dinner and a show at Jardine’s.
Angela Hagenbach
We had terrific table in the intimate club and enjoyed drinks and dinner while Angela Hagenbach channeled Sara Vaughn on stage. She knocked us out with her rendition of "Them There Eyes," and it didn’t hurt that she’s just a beautiful woman as well (though not as beautiful as my Super Model Wife).

The show really helped make the evening memorable. It also got me thinking that we need to start going out more often. We’ll definitely go back to Jardine’s (Hagenbach has shows there on 10/21 and 10/28 as well). We’ll also check out The Phoenix and The Blue Room.

Anyone wanna go along?

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