Thursday, November 02, 2006

T Wrecks

We took our daughter out for a birthday diner last night at T-Rex in The Legends mall in WyCo (more on The Legends later).

Our now-4-year-old daughter has really been into dinosaurs lately, an influence from the majority male class at daycare (she's the only girl in the class). So we thought she would enjoy the experience.

In case you've never been, T-Rex is a dinosaur-themed restaurant (duh) with gigantic animatronic dinos including (obviously) the Tyranosaurus Rex. There is lots of paleozoic atmosphere, giant octopuses (octopi?), bugs etc.

It's all very fascinating... for about 20 minutes.

Then the overstimulation starts to grate on your nerves. The noise level is about the same as Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs are protecting a third quarter lead. The dinos are constantly growling and moaning and the insect are incessantly chirping. I assume all of the noise is to cover the sound of the continuously screaming kids.

Our daughter was pretty intimidated from the moment she walked in the door. The first thing you see is the gaping maw of an enormous 4-year-old-eating T-Rex.

Add that and the overstimulation to mediocre food and bad service (we were offered other customers' meals twice, but we had to wait 45 minutes for our own) and needless to say we were there way too long.

When we left, I had a splitting headache and was on my very last nerve.

In short, while I think the whole Legends area is an economic boon for Wyandotte County, save yourself some money, gas, and a headache and avoid T-Rex.

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  1. Chuck E. Cheesosaurus?

    I'm glad my girls have outgrown loving places like that.


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