Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can't stand the Chiefs

A big tip o' the hat to PDSH who hepped me to this Yahoo! Sports link where the author cracks wise about the Kansas City Chief's new "Fan Code of Conduct."
In theory, it's not a bad idea, as you'd like your stadium to provide a friendly atmosphere for families and people who aren't drunken hooligans.

In practice, though, it might not be such a great idea, especially if the person responsible for coming up with the rules is an 85-year-old woman who teaches the 2nd grade and regards standing up as one of the evil things that young whippersnappers often do.
Indeed, the "code of conduct" expressly forbids "excessive standing" during the games. And good! Because frankly, I really get annoyed by people who stand at sporting events, so I'm glad the Chiefs are saying that excessive standing is prohibited.

Also, I agree that "foul, obscene" language is being banned. I mean, where is it written that people should have the freedom to speak as they please? What, do they thing they have some sort of right to free speech or something?

And, I applaud the chiefs for arming their workers with jack boots and billy clubs to make sure that fans aren't "failing to follow instructions of stadium personnel."

With these measures in place, I'm sure we as fans can look forward to an orderly, controlled, manageable, obedient season.


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  1. You, sir, are the master of sarcasm.

    On a side note, haven't these dumb-ass rules been in effect for years. I seem to remember hearing an annoucement before vey game about excessive standing and all the fuckin' cussing.

  2. I went to a KU basketball game once - ONCE - and had to stand through the entire fucking thing.

    Made me wonder why they installed seats in the place when they built it. They could cram a good amount more people in there if they didn't have those confounded seats in the way! Rip 'em out!

    I think that if you can't sit down during the less-exciting parts of a game, then stay home and watch it on your t.v. Or go to a bar. Which is what I do. Because the t.v.'s at the bar are up at about the 7 foot level, which means the bartender never gets in the way at all...

  3. The standing rule is excessive. As for the cursing, etc., my wife the German appreciates the atmosphere in American ballparks where a certain civility is enforced, thereby making the places reasonably family-friendly. She would never go to a German soccer match because of the hooligans, but enjoys attending sporting events here.



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