Thursday, July 10, 2008

That old feeling

This could be a little confusing, so pay close attention...

I got a txt msg from my younger sister last night that my niece, the daughter of my older sister, is pregnant.

So first of all, congratulations to my niece. She married her husband a couple of years ago and has built a good career (as has her husband). This is the next step for them and they'll be great parents.

It's still very early in the pregnancy, and lots of times these things "don't take" the first time. But if this is turns out to be a viable pregnancy, that would mean my sister will be a GRANDMOTHER!

Which, if you've been following along, makes me a Great Uncle (I mean, I'm already a great uncle by virtue of being an all around great guy. But now I could be a Great Uncle as well).

I am NOT old enough to be a Great Uncle.

Okay, here's the big caveat: My niece (the one who's pregnant) is the stepdaughter of my older sister. To the best of my recollection she was already in nearing junior high age when my sister became her stepmom.

But still, it makes you feel the cold breath of age on your neck to think that your sister is a grandmother.


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  1. Good luck to your niece. Hope it takes.

  2. small world, I just posted about father time, with less tact and thoughtfullness, but same subject.


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