Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Protesters are sore losers.

After an afternoon and evening of drinking heavily, I accidentally let myself watch the local news last night on KMBC.

I was Larry Mooretified to see a propaganda piece about a group of corporately backed local "activists" as they were "protesting" the "closing" of a KCK "school."

These "schoolbaggers" as we shall call them, are suddenly all up in arms and picketing because they don't want the school district to close their neighborhood school, Morris Elementary.

As one "concerned" parent put it, "We feel that we need our school, our students need our school, our community needs our school."

To which I reply, "Yeah. Right."

Where were these people four years ago? They're late to the party. If they want to save their school, they should have been protesting two, four and six years ago when the school district was working on its budget.

Today, these selfish, greedy parents are overestimating the attendance of other selfish, greedy schoolbagger zombies at their inherently racist "School protests."

Ostensibly the parties protested the use of taxpayer money to not bail out a local school in danger of financial collapse.

Just ask yourself why they waited to do these protests when a black man was president. It's obviously racist.

If you want to demonstrate to save your school, then fine. But they should’ve done it under President Bush, too. That they waited tells you what the protests were really about.

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  1. Bwahahahaha

    I thought the same exact thing when I read that article


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