Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another million dollar idea to start out the year

Lots of people know that I come up with a couple of brilliant million-dollar ideas each quarter. It's just part of what I do.

Whether it's indicator plastic wrap, cargo-style dress slacks, or my excellent idea for Tixaqyll, each and every one of these gems is guaranteed to be solid gold.

Well this year the inspiration came early as we were watching some generic New Year's Day football game. We began mocking all the advertisements pushing special deals on gym memberships and special meal plans to help people loose those extra pounds and keep their New Year's resolutions.

And as conversations go, one thing led to another. We talked about how people should just start exercising more instead of sitting around watching generic New Year's Day football games. You don't need a gym membership, do you?

That's when it clicked. Combine something that people need but don't want (in this case exercise), with something they love but don't need, i.e., sitting on your ass watching a big screen playing mindless programming.

Put them both together and you get… The Gym Theater.

You know how AMC has been building out their Fork and Screen concept? Where you go and have a real meal at a table and everything while you watch the latest lame-ass chick flick?

Well this is kind of the opposite of that. Instead of sitting there watching Zack Galifianakis while you eat your way toward looking like him, you instead hop on a stationary bike or treadmill or elliptical machine and burn a few hundred calories.

Sure, you might need to provide audio jacks for headphones or ear buds or something to overcome the noise of the machinery. But from what I understand, people typically listen to iPods or something while they work out anyway.

The beauty is that theaters could sell this as a monthly membership fee deal, so they would be locking in a regular revenue stream.

Okay, AMC. There's the idea. I'll let you take this one and run with it. But I think a finder's fee of 10% is reasonable and customary, right?

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  1. i do this every night. laptop, netflix streaming, and a treadmill. it works wonders to keep the olde blood sugars in check. and, without commercial interruption, you can blow through 90 minutes without thinking.

  2. Zack Galifniakis is a guy I particularly detest--and that emotion (is "detest" an emotion?) doesn't come easy to me. Anyone who follows pop-culture knows how American men have been reduced to kidults. Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey would have just left my grandfather scratching his head and asking "Are they boys or men?" But Galifniakis takes it to a whole 'nother level. A freaking infant. Literally carrying that baby in front of him in Hangover to symbolize his infantile nature and immaturity. Always seen in his whitie-tighties as though in a diaper. Fat, ugly, with poor grooming; and his biggest crime--unfunny. Seen enough of that guy for 3 lifetimes.

  3. Love the idea. Gym's gonna be a thing!

  4. Add to this one more thing: the ability to create electricity at the same time--a generator.

    I think that makes this, what? A three-fer?


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