Thursday, February 17, 2011

System run by two parties

I've tried to make a real effort this year to steer clear of political topics, partly because nothing has changed even with a new batch of lawmakers, but mostly because, as Beck* might say, there's no point fighting for a lost cause.

But, I recently saw a Venn diagram that so accurately makes the point that I clumsily was trying to make with the popular (by this blog's standards, anyway) The Undeciders post from 2008.

You can go ahead and reread that post if you're feeling nostalgic, or just take a look at this diagram originally posted on The Strategic Retreat (you may have to click to embiggen).

*The post-modern alt-pop-blues-folk singer-songwriter, not the Fox News crybaby.

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  1. Fuck! Was all excited ‘cause I thought you meant Jeff Beck, not some heroin addicted mumbler…

  2. I don't think Jeff Beck talks. But, yeah.

  3. Beck looks like that guy from Blades of Glory. Napoleon Dynamite. Didn't know he was needle druggie--I thought he had Scientology.


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