Monday, March 14, 2011

YouTube Tuesday: The Delicate Sound of Pi

I know it's a day early for YouTube Tuesday, but it's a special occasion. As you know, or will soon become aware, today is 3.14… Pi Day in the United States*.

To commemorate this special day, here's a special Pi Day song. I hope you'll all singe along.

*Europe, of course, doesn't have a Pi Day because they mess up their date notations by putting the day before the month, thus 14.3. However, according to my inside sources 143 is the sum of 3 consecutive primes (43+47+53), and also of 5 consecutive primes (11+13+17+19+23+29+31). So I guess it's Prime Day in Europe.

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  1. The inevitable copyright claim took that vid off at the speed of light. I had at my place, too, and by noon it was gone. Too bad, it was pretty nice.


  2. @R.Sherman,

    Figures. Lawyers ruin everything. Bunch a ruiners...



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