Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Well, if that's the way the blog wind blows…

So, don't like the the old tried and true New Year's Resolutions, eh?

Gotta be all "progressive" and try to "start something new" eh?

"Tell you what, we’ll just create one, call it the Flashback meme: post your last sentence from the last post for each month of 2011."

Well, if that's the way the blog winds blow, then never let it be said that I don't blow.

Jan: What did I miss? How do you think we'll get our comeuppance?

Feb: The post-modern alt-pop-blues-folk singer-songwriter, not the Fox News crybaby.

I know we use some pretty big words, but try to follow along.

You may have heard of it. It was in the news and everything.

May: I did record video of the meeting, and it's pretty damn entertaining if I do say so my damn self.

Jun: I've got some ideas, just not the concurrent time and motivation.

Jul: Given the local temperatures around here lately caused by an infernal Heat Dome, I thought this brief synopsis of Dante's Inferno seemed apropos.

As a parent, I'm just flipping the script on them. Using the same kind of marketing tactics to trick my kids into eating something less unhealthy.

Word up Mr. P!

But I think the biggest affect this unusually vivid dream on me has been that I no longer have much of an appetite for sushi.

(Sorry, I wasn't feeling particularly bloggy this month. But I guess even choosing not to say anything is saying something, right?)

-- Patricia Highsmith (New Year’s Eve Toast, 1947)

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  1. Interesting. I'll save this meme for a "slow blog day."

    Good luck against the Redlegs tonight, those panty-waisted cowards.


    Word Verification: "MUtv

  2. Now that's some serious blogging. I especially enjoyed September.

    Word up, Mr. P!


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