Monday, December 10, 2018

Dude… uh… today's already the 10th

I first met George Saunders (figuratively) in the pages to The New Yorker ten year's ago or so when I read probably my favorite of his short stories, Escape From Spiderhead. It's a ripping good yarn that would be a great addition to John B.'s section on post-humanism.
What kind of crazy-ass Project Team was this? 
I mean, I had been on some crazy-ass Project Teams in my time, such as one where the drip had something in it that made hearing music exquisite, and hence when some Shostakovich was piped in actual bats seemed to circle my Domain, or the one where my legs became totally numb and yet I found I could still stand fifteen straight hours at a fake cash register, miraculously suddenly able to do extremely hard long-division problems in my mind. 
But of all my crazy-ass Project Teams this was by far the most crazy-assed. I could not help but wonder what tomorrow would bring.
I'm sure you've all read his recent Lincoln In The Bardo, but I wanted to take to day to also recommend his short story collection Tenth of December, which happens to include the above mentioned and linked short story along with a slew of other home runs.

Here's a video of him reading an excerpt from another entry in the collection...

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