Sunday, February 05, 2006

Making Muhammad proud

From the AP:
  • Muslims rampaged Sunday in Beirut, setting fire to the Danish Embassy,
  • flames and smoke billowed from the building. Security officials said at least 30 people were injured.
  • lobbing stones at a Maronite Catholic church
  • demonstrators in Syria charged security barriers outside the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus and sent the buildings up in flames
The Prophet Muhammad must be so proud of these acts. They are sure to advance the cause of Islam all over the world.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes it is a shame...

    But, in a dictatorship like syria, These very same ppl will take to the streets to attack opposition figures... it's not about Denmark, and I doubt it's about Islam!!

    Danish embassy CAN and WILL be rebuilt again, but the damage to the Syrian image outside and to Syrians, that'll take years to heal... that's the worst part of this.. for me as a Syrian.

    Again, it is a shame...

    if u're intersted u can check my blog for responses from the Syrian Blogsphere to such events... I find it my duty to help erase the trauma of this...

    good day


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