Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In response to Dan

I've enjoyed reading Gone Mild for some time now. Sometimes Dan almost makes sense, and I get the feeling he's just about smart enough to become a moderate.

But Dan, I'm not sure I agree with the conclusion you draw in your final paragraph of today's post regarding the whole Cheney shooting boondoggle.

I understand the release of information was delayed, but isn’t that pretty standard procedure in a situation where there might be a fatality?

I'm pretty sure that when, say, someone is shot in, say, east Kansas City, the police wait to notify next of kin, etc. If you accidentally shot someone in the face while out in the middle of nowhere, and maybe you thought you killed a good friend, wouldn't your main concern be to get them to a hospital and notify their family? If that person were of some notoriety, wouldn't you want to try to limit the "media circus" at the hospital for the family's sake?

I'm not trying to apologize for the VP, but I don’t really think the delay of a day or so in this situation was malicious or malevolent. I mean, it sounds like you’re trying to make Cheney out to be another Ted Kennedy, which is a low blow.
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  1. Touche' on the moderate line!

    I'm not buying the excuse for delay. He's admitted that he spent the time trying to work on spin, and refused to follow the advice to release the information. Since he knew it was going to come out soon, I'm not seeing many reasons for the delay, other than a bit of time to sober up.

  2. But how long does it take to sober up? I'm not sure how far out in the wilderness they were, but don't you think the drive from the site of the incident to the hospital would be plenty of time to sober up?

  3. hah - finally a question well within my area of expertise. The answer is, it depends on how drunk he was. If you're drunk enough to forget the first rule of hunter safety, I'd guess about 18 hours . . .


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