Friday, April 28, 2006

Freindly reminder sponsored by the KGB

Just a friendly reminder to all you bloggers blogging from/in/over/through or about Kansas to submit your post for Monday's Kansas Guild of Bloggers Blog Carnival. Deadline is 3 p.m. Central on Sunday, April 30.

The weekly round-up of Kansas bloggers will be posted here on Monday, so submit your articles/blog posts via the submit link or send me an email via my email address.

And don't forget, one lucky blogger will be named Honorary KGB Blogger of the Week.

Also, here are some other friendly reminders from the KGB:
  • Fire isn't a toy, never play with matches
  • Not all mushrooms are edible, check with an expert before eating fungus you find on your basement carpet
  • Make sure your kids are wearing brightly colored clothing before sending them out to play in the streets
  • Never invest venture capital in a limited partnership without first studying a business plan and detailed prospectus with a clear and reasonable ROI projection.
Good luck, and stay safe out there. See you Monday.

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  1. Whaddya mean fire isn't a toy?!?

    Man, now I have to go get the gas & matches from the kids...

  2. He's trying to keep with the original "family friendly" nature of the roundup. Rots of ruck! lol, :-) lgp


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