Friday, April 14, 2006

Wall Art

It was a little too quiet on the screened-in porch.

Since today was such a nice day, we had the door open to the screen-in porch on the south side of our house. While my Supermodel Wife and I finished cleaning up after diner, our three-year-old daughter had wandered out onto the porch with our Jack Russell Terrier. Just to hang out I suppose. There's nothing they can really do except watch the neighborhood.

But that was at least 10 minutes ago, and it's just been too quiet for too long. That can only mean mischief is afoot.

So my Supermodel Wife goes out to see what's what. As she looked around the door, she saw our daughter crouched intently just beside the doorway. My Supermodel Wife's reaction was quiet but powerful.

the words "You are in so much trouble," said in a quiet and urgent tone, proved to be more effective than screaming and shouting ever were. Our daughter, without being told, took herself to her room and closed her door for the impending time-out.

I go over to investigate. And this is what I found, drawn on the side of the house:

It's one of the most difficult jobs of parenting. Having to keep a straight face and take disciplinary measures in the face of something so cute. I mean, how can I get mad at such fine art. It's like trying to yell at the Mona Lisa.

And I don't want to send a message that might squelch her creativity and stunt what could be a budding art career. After all, I can see how the white aluminum siding would be an irresistible canvass to someone with so much talent.

But, we had to be strong. Our three-year-old has lost her crayon privileges temporarily.

At least she still has play dough. So perhaps we'll just channel that creativity into sculpture. Look for a Pieta to be carved out of our granite counter top in the next few months.

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  1. That is about the cutest damn thing I've ever seen. It's EXTRA hard not to stifle the artistic urges of my kids, even at the expense of extra work for me (likewise for you, I see). It breaks my heart to throw away my daughters pictures that she draws on placemats at restaurants, but after she dumps milk and grease and other shit all over them, it's like "what the hell else am I supposed to do with it?" Doesn't make it any easier...

  2. Just be glad she didn't draw a cartoon of Muhammad...

    Cute drawing. Must've been hard not bursting out laughing.

  3. So, how much do you want for it? Let me know if you post it at Ebay. or better still, with Sotheby's.

  4. That is just too damn cute!!!! I love it!!!! The straight face thing - makes me think back to times I got in trouble and think if my parents were trying to keep a straightface too. I would have given in to that one's just too damned cute.

  5. I think the whole house would look good like that.

    Would definitely keep her occupied for quite a while, too...


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