Sunday, April 09, 2006

Return of the KGB

It's been a while since we've heard from "them," and you can call me unpatriotic, but I think it's time to bring back the KGB.

This not-so-secret organization has been on hiatus several weeks now. I'm referring of course to the Kansas Guild of Bloggers. The idea (and the clever name) comes from Lyn Perry at Bloging Out Loud.

For some inexplicable (or maybe just unexplained) reason, Lyn has taken a break from organizing the regular KGB Blog Carnival. So, that’s where the rest of us (from Kansas) come in. Let’s keep the weekly roundup of Kansas blog posts going. I’m volunteering to host this week.

Here’s how it works: You submit a blog post to be included in a digest of Kansas-related posts that I'll put up next Monday (April 17). You can send me a link via email of comment to this blog post, but the best way is to submit the post to the Blog Carnival that Lyn set up.

There's even one of those groovy blog-style icons:

So your first assignment as a KGB operative is to submit a blog link to the carnival by 16:00 Kansas Time (that's 4 p.m.) on Sunday, April 15. That's Easter Sunday, so don't wait until the last minute, ya damn slackers!

Your second assignment is to forward a link to this post to any bloggers that you know of in Kansas. Also if you know of any expatriot KGB operatives (bloggers from Kansas who currently live in a foreign country like Italy, Spain, or Texas), make sure they know about this effort as well. We're depending on you to make this thing work.

Your third assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to join the KGB frappr map. You can see it all the way down at the right-hand column of this blog. Keep going, all the way at the bottom. See it? Good. Just click it and follow the instructions to add yourself. This is optional, but it's fun, so just do it.

Okay, you have your orders. Just think of all the traffic you'll get by participating. Don't make me beg. Honestly, that's something you really don't want to see.

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  1. Is your blog only for people in Kansas? Should I be commenting?

  2. Echele,
    Please keep reading and commenting. Hell, if you didn't comment, nobody would. Thanks for frequenting and reinforcing my delusions that other people read this diareaha of the keyboard.

  3. Great job! Thanks for rescuing this idea!

  4. Return of the KGB? Hey, I never left!


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