Tuesday, February 20, 2007

YouTube Tuesday: Leave it to Beever

Every few months I get cc'd on an email that attaches the art of Julian Beever.

Beever's art is a well-known Internet meme. The chalk drawings he makes on city streets feature amazingly accurate perspective studies. When viewed from the proper angle, his subjects seem to be emerging from a swimming pool dug into the street, or mining gold from the sidewalk.

When viewed from the wrong angle, they appear distorted and misshapen, impressing upon the viewer the amount of foresight and non-linear thinking required to make the drawings.

I've always wondered how he does it. But now I don't have to, since he has placed a video of his process on YouTube:

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  1. Nice video proud of ya! But not as proud of my JAYHAWKS!! Better luck next time buddy. 23 year win streak continues!!

  2. Yes. It was a good win by the 'hawks. K-State played a pretty good game, but just couldn't get the second-half shooding percentage they needed to win (credit KU's D).

    It's a good testament to the KU athletic department that they will hire the best coaches, recruit the best players, and find the best students to take their tests for them.


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