Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eight Random Things About meme

I got tagged by Spyder the other day to disclose eight random things about myself, so this is my attempt.

The trouble I had is that random things aren't necessarily very exciting or interesting. I mean, the random stuff that happens to me is mostly "I walked down the street" or "Somebody held the door for me today." You know, boring shit.

So I've tried to edit out the most boring stuff from the list below, which I guess violates the definition of "random." But then I thought, is anything really random anyway? I mean in the grand scheme of things? Don't our best scientific minds believe that all matter and energy behave in certain ways and that if we could account for all of the variables we would be able to predict that behavior?

Aw hell, my head is really starting to hurt. Here's the list:
  1. I've been using the same computer keyboard at work for the last six years. It's a little dirty but well broken-in, like a pair of comfortable old sneakers.
  2. About seven years ago I tripped over a stack of lava rocks while helping a friend rebuild his house. It tore off the top several layers of skin on my lower left calf. I still have scars.
  3. When I was in gradeschool, my best friend and I killed a chicken with a BB gun. We thought it was so funny to shoot it in the ass and watch it jump and run around like a... well, like a chicken with its head cut off. I think it must have finally died of a heart attack, because a BB couldn't actually kill a chicken. Could it?
  4. I've got a major headache right now. We're talking migraine. I guess karma is a bitch.
  5. I was once a member of the Liberal news media. Literally. I worked for a news outlet in Liberal, KS.
  6. I've never seen a dead human body that wasn't in a box.
  7. I used to wear a tie to work all the time. Now? Not so much. Not sure why because I'm generally pro-tie.
  8. The worst thing I've ever had thrown at me: A cat.
  9. To me, it seems inconsistent for someone to be in favor of the death penalty but against abortions (and vice versa for that matter).
Okay, you're it: Shea in Wichita, Sassywho, Nightmare, Faith and Joel

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  1. I've been hit!

  2. 1. I hope you don't do web porn,you know icky keyboard.
    2. Ouch
    3. & 4. You deserve the headache for torturing that poor chicken. You should have been made to pluck & gut.
    5. I like the name. But where the Hell is Liberal, Ks.
    6. I was part of a death watch for a friend. She slipped into a coma, and continued to slip her way to Heaven.
    7. Can't blame you. But I think women have it worse with panty hose.
    8. Hope you caught the cat. My brother threw a snake at me. Luckly he missed.
    9. I'm with ya on this!

  3. I caught the cat. Or rather, the cat caught me. When I turned to avoid getting cat claws in my face, the cat latched on to the bare skin on my back, trying to dig in as it slid down the length of my shoulders.


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