Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random photo IV: Campanile

I started following Shane's travelogue about his recent European vacation at I, Shane, and it's left me feeling nostalgic for my previous two trips to Italy.

Like Shane I loved Paris and Venice. But unlike Shane, I'd have to say that Florence was my favorite European city. The sheer ratio of art per square foot was amazing. I remain envious of the Florentines who live within the history created by Giotto, Brunelleschi, the Medici and other historical figures who are responsible in large part for the way with think today.

Anyway, it's all left me with a serious jones to return to Tuscany for a few more weeks (don't even get me started on the wine). But, the best I can do now is a mind trip through my photo albums.

Here's a detail of the Campanile of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo of Florence. The campanile was designed by Giotto in the 1300s and is part of one of the most recognizable architectural compositions in the west.

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  1. I must not have had the same guidebook you had in Florence. I much preferred the art in Paris.

    That being said, I would give the city another shot if I would have known how to visit.

  2. I'm with Shane. But I lived IN Paris, and only visited Florence for the weekend (3 days), so maybe I'm biased due to that.

    Also, I liked the French more than I did the Italians. Again, could have been the fact that I lived in one place and only visited the other, but who knows.

    I did climb Il Duomo, though. THAT was amazing. The nightclubbing we did later that night? Not so much...

  3. I love Paris (the city, not the celebutard). We had the best time just kickin' around the Latin Quarter. Actually one of my favorite memories was having a beer in an Irish pub in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

    To me, Paris has a much more metropolitan feel. Florence seems much more intimate and out-of-the way. The streets are much narrower and it still has kind of a medieval architectural feel. And, there's all of the amazing art (which, granted, Paris has in spades as well).

    I also found the Tuscan cuisine much to my liking (I never had a pizza the whole time were were in Italy). Shane, next time you go back to Florence, look up Trattoria il Teatro and ask for Maurizio.

  4. Lovely photo!!

    P.S. You've been nominated:

    I'm too lazy to use HTML on that link, so you'll have to do the ol' copy/paste a la 1996.

  5. woot! I'm going to Pisa & Florence in Sept!

  6. Anonymous,

    Not sure how long you'll be in Pisa, but if you have time you should consider a day-trip to the Cinque Terra. Actually, plan on spending the night in one of the seaside towns.

    And yes, I am jealous of you (and I don't even know you).


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