Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eewww, someone just schmoozed all over me!

Shea at ACGIK, named me the supreme winner yesterday of the Blogger Schmooze award.

I proudly accept.

I know there are others, like The D, Chimpotle, KCSponge and Erin who have made claims to the Blogger Schmooze award. And to be certain, they are definitely schmooze-worthy in their own right.

But I hereby accept the honor of the supreme Blogger Schmooze award. To illustrate my supreme blogger schmooziness, I am leaving it up to my (two) readers to choose who they think should be nominated next for the Blogger Schmooze award.

So leave your nominations in the comments. It is okay, indeed encouraged, to nominate yourself.

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  1. As we well know, I'm more the Blogger with the Power to Shit than Schmooze, and as I don't believe I've been nominated to receive the Schmooze award by any other blog thus far, it's blatantly clear that I'm not the only one who believes that.

    So I would say that Spyder is my vote. The woman is interesting, yo!

  2. Second the Spyder nomination and add a little shout out to the FaithSista - sometimes you have to shit to schmooze!


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